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“Throughout my career, if I have done anything, I have paid attention to every note and every word I sing - if I respect the song. If I cannot project this to a listener, I fail.” - Frank Sinatra

Musicgate believes it is a duty to share beautiful songs with the world. Let us show you our publishing capabilities. We have the customer focus, attention-to-detail and flexibility of a small boutique outfit with major label experience, the ability to match every need, deadline or budget so that your music gets produced in order to get into the right listeners hands, ears and minds.

We take your music as our major responsibility. We work tirelessly to connect your music with as many people as possible whether it is via radio, the internet, television, movies, video games, merchandise or the many other outlets for music in the modern world. We want your music to be heard by as many people as possible.

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Musicgate composes and produces high quality music intended for the world market. We specialize in jazz and popular music.

Music Publisher

Partnering with BMI - Musicgate is able to brand artists by producing, promoting, publishing and distributing music independently.

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Musicgate believes that to truly appreciate good music, one must learn the subtle details contained in great music. We foster aspiring individuals into talented artists.

Days of YesterdayBuy Now

Elegant, charismatic vocalist Hiromi Kanda pays tribute to the timeless American classics in Days of Yesterday, her sophomore album. Nagasaki-born Kanda says, “I have always loved America’s great standards and the old movie musicals. I feel that the music of this genre in America—the classics written by Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Gus Kahn— may be the most musical and romantic ever written. Also, the big band sound makes it so big!” In order to achieve that “bigness,” Kanda came to Hollywood, where she recorded Days of Yesterday at the legendary Capitol Studios with a full 50-piece orchestra. Working with Hiromi on the album were the multiple Grammy-winning producer/engineer Al Schmitt and arranger Matt Catingub, a multi-instrumentalist, conductor and composer. The album also spotlights Joe Sample on piano.

“What an unexpected treat to work with Hiromi, whom I never worked with before. She has a wonderful voice and has love and respect for that classic era of music. She’s a great talent.” - Al Schmitt

“Blessed with a solid voice and an impressive sense of time, Hiromi sings in a style that suggests the smokiness of Marlene Dietrich crossed with the lilt of Astrud Gilberto.” - JazzTimes Magazine